Fishing Lessons for Young and Old(er)

Captain Glenn is excited to offer fishing lessons in addition to his charter lineup, figuring that the more fisherfolk we have, the better off we'll be in matters of conservation and awareness of what is happening to our gilled friends!

Your lesson will take place in the same areas that Captain Glenn runs his charters, but the emphasis won't be quite as much on putting fish in the boat, as it will be on giving you a good, basic knowledge of tackle and technique for you to apply later in your own pursuit of humankinds greatest time-waster ever. :)

Of course we say that with our tongue firmly in our cheek: fishing is never a waste of time! It is a way to experience the goodness and bounty of this amazing little planet we live on, and through practicing this sport people both young and old become increasingly aware of just how amazing and incredible Life is, all around us.