Capt. Glenn Wilson and the "Blue Boy"

Glenn grew up fishing the waters of the South Carolina Lowcountry, and has been actively working in the fishing/maritime industry since the age of 14.

glen.jpgHe began guiding fishing charters after completing the qualifications for his US Coast Guard Captains license at the age of 21. In the 17 years since, he has fished in such diverse areas as Costa Rica, the Virgin Islands, Bahamas, and other far-flung but well known places many anglers would regard as paradise.

Yet with all that experience elsewhere, fishing the marshes, creeks, and offshore waters of the Carolinas is what he has always liked the best.

His first 'real job' was working as a mate on a bottom-fishing "head boat" out  of Captain Dick's Marina in Murrells Inlet, SC. For 3 years Glenn learned the ropes onboard the New Inlet Princess, baiting hooks for tourists, swabbing the decks, and being just a general deckhand, before his move up into the world of charter fishing as a genuine First Mate.

That boat was the Sea Rake, a 38' Sonny Briggs custom sportfisher that would spend its days out in the blue waters of the Gulf Stream, 50+ miles offshore. It was here that Glenn learned the habits and behaviours of the big pelagic species of meat- and sport fish; the dolphin (Mahi), wahoo, tuna, sailfish and marlins, among others.

Serving as First Mate aboard the Sea Rake gave Glenn the time and experience needed for him to earn his official United States Coast Guard Captains license at the relatively young age of 22. A year later, and he had moved up again, serving as Captain and Master of the Totally Hooked, a 38' Rampage sportfisher which ran offshore trips and charters out of Murrells Inlet.

Many different boats and different fishing jobs have come and gone since that first Captains position, but Glenn has always been out there since then, working on the water, doing his favorite thing. One of his most memorable fishing trips was to Costa Rica in 2011, where he managed to make perhaps the biggest and most important catch of his lifetime - when he married his lovely wife Angela. As Glenns first mate, it is not at all unusual to find Angela there on the dock at the end of the day to welcome Glenn home from his day of fishing.

Besides fishing, Glenn also loves to hunt for duck and turkey, and conducts guided trips for both species in-season. Glenn also puts his extensive knowledge of local waters to use occasionally serving as a Captain for SeaTow Georgetown, aiding boats and boaters who for one reason or another find themselves in some sort of distress.

Fishing Vessel "Blue Boy"

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